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Intergenerational Ministry Calendar

In the next week or so households at St. Luke’s with children be receiving a note from Children’s Minister Carmen Kinglsey with a couple enclosed resources including the calendar below. The calendar, below, however, is for everyone at St. Luke’s. You are all invited to grow in faith and community together through Intergenerational Ministries this

flour, water, salt, yeast

WORSHIP IN AUGUST: FLOUR, WATER, SALT, YEAST Four simple ingredients, combined with care and experience, kneading and heat, create the staple food that is at the center of worship in August: BREAD. Since ancient times, human beings have related to the divine through this basic necessity of our diets. Manna rains down from heaven on the

June Thanksgiving

This June, the St. Luke’s
Council is deeply thankful to everyone who made online worship possible over the past year
(and three months). Our community is indebted to all of you who gave so generously: your time
in submitting community announcements, weekly lectionary readings, and prayers; your energy
in creatively adapting to holy times of the year and (two!) Lenten seasons and Easter Vigils.
Simply your presence, whether at worship “premiere” or any other time, contributed greatly to
our community…

Wishes for the Church

A Reflection on the Birthday Party for the Church by Children’s Minister Carmen Kingsley This spring, as I began to imagine possible intergenerational activities for the coming, warmer season, I heard about some churches who were planning Pentecost Birthday celebrations.  How fun!  After a couple of conversations with St. Luke’s council members and Pastor Hope,