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January Thanksgivings

As we hope to turn from the doldrums of this past calendar year to the promises of a new year, St. Luke’s Council gives its thanksgiving this December to the work of our treasurer Gretchen Burch. Thanks to Gretchen’s dedication (along with the willingness of outgoing treasurer Scott Shippy) and her fast-acting awareness this past

December Thanksgivings

For December, St. Luke’s wants to thank the Public Faith Team, who offered their time and effort to the Illinois Fair Tax campaign. At a time when traditional modes of advocacy were either unavailable or rapidly changing, these folks took up an important initiative that sought to provide better funding for public goods and services

November Thanksgivings

            This November, St. Luke’s Council gives abundant thanks for staff and community who assisted our Moving Team in the location transition process from 2837 W Armitage to our new home at 3325 W Wrightwood. First, a thank you to all those in our church, members at Grace United Methodist