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Easter Song at St. Luke’s

A note from our Cantor, Bev Jedynak Hymns for the 50 days of rejoicing have one thing in common – they are filled with Alleluia and/or Christ is Risen! Our hymnody focuses on celebration, joy, transformation of creation, Christ risen for all, present for all. Baptismal and eucharistic imagery are strong – and we’ll know

With thanksgiving for Eric Fowler

On February 25th, 2020, St. Luke’s released its first ever podcast. Titled Proclamation, it began as a creative endeavor to capture the spirit of St. Luke’s worshipping community and its composition of community voices proclaiming God’s vision of justice, equality, and love. Amid pandemic upheaval that forced communities to rely on electronic mediums for communicating

COVENANT | Worship in Lent

Worship at St. Luke’s in the season of Lent will focus on the theme of COVENANT: God’s good news for our bad situations. Each Sunday in Lent will bring us the story of a covenant that God makes in the Hebrew Scriptures, and each Sunday is also an opportunity to reflect on the covenant made with each of us in baptism…