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St. Luke’s former seminarians reflect: Luke Allgeyer

As the Diaconal Intern at St. Luke’s for the 2016-2017 school year, I inhabited a role that was largely created on-the-fly. At the start of my internship, many members of the community would come up to me and ask, “So, what exactly does a Diaconal Intern do?” And I would answer them honestly by saying,

Testimony | Day Hefner | Third Sunday after Pentecost

When I finally got to college, it felt like I was finally free.  I had the chance to make real friends and to explore my identity and my beliefs about the world.  So it came as kind of a surprise to me that I suddenly found myself dealing with deep, deep depression… And in the midst of my depression, I found myself in a spiritual desert, without my faith to ground me, without a God to confide in or to pray to or even to be angry with…