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In the middle

I picked up the phone. It’s simple enough, but it had been months and months since I’d answered the phone for St. Luke’s. But everything was finally set up so that calls come to my phone. So I picked it up. The last call I had picked up was someone calling about a fundraiser. Thus, when

Testimony: K.M. Boucher

It was only after a few weeks of doing this that I realized how refreshing it was to not have to keep track of hours or payment, as I had for all my previous years of babysitting. Instead of ending the night with an exchange of money, we could share a little conversation or tea, and then one of them would watch me walk down the street til I got home. No bills passed through our hands, but the gifts of the evening were valuable to us all.

The Street We Lived On: A Testimony

3/31/2019 by Brian K Thank you for listening to my testimony this morning. This theme of “fasting from individualism and feasting on community” was a compelling one. When I think of “community” that word stirs memories of this specific time in my life –between 2007 and 2013 –to be exact when Em and I were

Come Now and Set Us Free: Testimonies in Advent 2018

Maybe God has helped set you free from unhealthy relationships or a toxic environment. Perhaps God is urging you to stop comparing your life to others around you and allowing you the freedom to create your own path. Maybe God is setting you free from the expectations you’ve set for yourself, and reminding you that where you are in your life journey is exactly where you need to be.