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Season of Creation and Climate Control Summit Planning

In September, St. Luke’s will be celebrating the “Season of Creation,” in correlation with readings from the  Gospel of Mark.  The Word serves as a deep impulse summoning forth creation, evoking praise from creation and stirring life in creation. The “Season of Creation” will focus on various aspects of our natural world: September 2 –

Sermon: July 1, 2012

The following sermon was delivered by Rev. Heidi Torgerson Martinez at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church on July 1, 2012.  Bring you greetings from the Global Mission unit…YAGM…prior to coming into this call I served for four years as a missionary in Mexico, working with volunteers who served in that country alongside many different communities.  One

2012 Vacation Bible School Opportunities

Children who are potty-trained through the 5th grade are invited to participate in a Vacation Bible School program called, “Flawed and Forgiven: Ordinary People/Extraordinary God.” This program will look at Biblical characters and uncover God’s steadfast, trans-formative, and never-ending love.  In addition, this program provides a great opportunity for your children to explore their faith

Ascension Sunday: What Will We Lift Up?

by Joe Scarry As a reminder — our permit to assemble for worship in Palmer Square was pulled earlier this week because of the NATO summit.  Therefore, we’re gathering on the green space at Kimball Avenue Church’s property at Kimball and Medill at 10:30am on Sunday, May 20th. This year on Palm Sunday, St. Luke’s

Sermon: "My God Gave Dignity to Me"

by Drew Rindfleisch Three days ago, fifteen of us with SOUL – Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation – stood trial for engaging in civil disobedience this last October.  We demonstrated against the foreclosure crisis that has left millions of individuals and families without homes and in serious financial debt. Economic injustices continue as big