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Serving Our Neighbors, Transforming Society

We are sent out to do God’s work in the world. We are transformed by radical welcome, by the stories of our faith, and by the real presence of God - and that transformation means that not only our lives, but also our communities and our world must look different. When we work for justice, we enact God’s love in public. When we work for justice, we conspire with God in the work of ever re-creating, sustaining, and redeeming all of creation.

Justice work at St. Luke’s takes many forms. We engage directly with our neighbors in need as volunteers with service providers. We attend city council meetings and partner with grassroots community organizations. And we march through the streets in public witness to God’s love in the face of injustice.

Justice Posts

  • Land Acknowledgment Book Club

    Land Acknowledgment Book Club

    In an effort to more deeply engage with the land on which we live and with our own faith, the St. Luke’s Land Acknowledgment committee invites you to join a book club on Kaitlin B. Curtice’s Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God, a memoir of her never-ending journey to find her identity as both aRead More
  • Holy Week 2021

    Holy Week 2021

    Dear friends, Like déjà vu, it’s time to prepare for Holy Week in a pandemic… again. Last year at this time, the pandemic had just begun to disrupt our lives and the world. We didn’t know during Holy Week 2020 that we would be in for another whole year of distance and isolation; a yearRead More
  • Welcome Statement Coffee Hour | Sunday, February 7th

    Welcome Statement Coffee Hour | Sunday, February 7th

    Join Casey VanderStel, Pastor Erin, and others from the Antiracism Ministry for a conversation about the future of our church's welcome statement. We will discuss what we feel is missing from our current statement, what could change, and how we want to communicate our antiracist stance as a church...
  • December Thanksgivings

    December Thanksgivings

    For December, St. Luke’s wants to thank the Public Faith Team, who offered their time and effort to the Illinois Fair Tax campaign. At a time when traditional modes of advocacy were either unavailable or rapidly changing, these folks took up an important initiative that sought to provide better funding for public goods and servicesRead More
  • Environmental Racism Resources, Working Groups, and more!

    Environmental Racism Resources, Working Groups, and more!

    On Wilderness Sunday, September 20, 2020, in a gathering on Zoom sponsored by the Antiracism Ministry, Katie Maxwell and Iván A Pérez provided an overview of environmental racism and environmental justice. We discussed the ways in which systemic racism impacts our natural world, and pollution and climate change disproportionately harm communities of color...