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Everyone Is Welcome! Erika Dornfeld #facesofstlukesls #facesofstlukesls Noel Spain #facesofstlukesls Drew Stever #facesofstlukesls Andrew Bailey #facesofstlukesls Reed Fowler #facesofstlukesls #facesofstlukesls Hope Zavala #facesofstlukesls St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Founded in 1900, this congregation has been a home to residents of Logan Square

Justice Offering for January 2015

In addition to serving just under 2,000 youth and families each year, the services we offer give back to the community at-large and foster a safe and respectful space for all individuals regardless of their background. What I respect most about LCN and our work is our philosophy of harm-reduction and housing first, where we meet individuals where they are at in their lives and know that stable housing is the first step in stabilizing one’s life.

Sin and Salvation, Wallowing and Wretchedness

by Greg Singleton ASK GREG December 12, 2013 SALVATION, THEOSIS, AND UNION WITH CHRIST: Q.  I know that Christianity has all to do with sin and salvation, but does there have to be so much wallowing in our wretched unworthiness? The short answer:  No, there doesn’t have to be.   Now for a slightly longer