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St. Luke’s former seminarians reflect: Luke Allgeyer

As the Diaconal Intern at St. Luke’s for the 2016-2017 school year, I inhabited a role that was largely created on-the-fly. At the start of my internship, many members of the community would come up to me and ask, “So, what exactly does a Diaconal Intern do?” And I would answer them honestly by saying,

Lathrop Action Continues…a note from Pastor Bruce Ray

Hi everyone, On Monday, I attended the Lathrop Leadership Team meeting, where the TIF process was on the agenda. However, before I get to the TIF, the Lathrop Local Advisory Council (LAC) has planned a protest at the CHA Board Meeting on June 21.  They will be protesting the elimination of 525 units of public

Attend a BBQ or Picnic

The summer offers an opportunity for us to come together socialize in a variety of fun settings. Hosts will provide a main dish and ask others to bring additional food. If you would like to be a guest, please sign up for the days you are available. (You can sign up for multiple days you’re available

Host a BBQ or Picnic!

The summer offers an opportunity for us to come together socialize in a variety of fun settings. Would you be willing to host a small St. Luke’s BBQ or Picnic some time between mid June and mid July? You pick the time, the place, and the event and the office will match you with 4-6

Public Action for Affordable Housing

Despite overwhelming community opposition to luxury developments at Lathrop Homes, the Milwaukee Twin Towers near the California Blue Line and increased public pressure for actual affordable housing in the First Ward and Chicago, Joe Moreno has consistently ignored the community’s demands. San Lucas UCC recently joined the efforts of SOMOS to make housing genuinely affordable and accessible in our community. We at San Lucas do not believe God sanctions gentrification because we walk with congregation members and neighbors experiencing displacement and its devastation on our families.