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Telling Our Stories, Finding Our Truth

Each and every one of us has a story to tell, a sacred story, the story of our lives. When that story intersects with our collective story as a community of faith and the story of God’s action in the world, here and now, we call that story a testimony.

St. Luke’s encourages and supports its members in uncovering their stories and provides opportunities for them to share these stories both in and out of worship. Along with partner congregations in the Logan Square Ecumenical Alliance, we have received a “Vital Worship” grant from the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship to explore the rich connections between the ancient Christian practice of testimony and the contemporary resurgence of story-telling in public events, popularized by podcasts like “The Moth Storytelling Hour."

Testimony Posts

  • a sermon on preparing

    a sermon on preparing

    God’s kingdom wraps its divine embrace around the horizons of our existence where death seems to have won the upper hand.Read More »
  • “God is…” Poetry and Art Drive

    “God is…” Poetry and Art Drive

    What I found remarkable in reading them was that the more I read the more I realized that some things cannot be fully expressed in a systematic theology. Sometimes, maybe most times, art can do you one better.Read More »
  • The Street We Lived On: A Testimony

    The Street We Lived On: A Testimony

    3/31/2019 by Brian K Thank you for listening to my testimony this morning.  This theme of “fasting from individualism and feasting on community” was a compelling one. When I think of “community” that word stirs memories of this specific time in my life –between 2007 and 2013 –to be exact when Em and I wereRead MoreRead More »
  • Testimony in Lent

    Testimony in Lent

    Do you have a true story from your own life to share this Lent, about the ways that individualism has pushed you away from God, other people, or creation?Read More »
  • Come Now and Set Us Free: Testimonies in Advent 2018

    Come Now and Set Us Free: Testimonies in Advent 2018

    Maybe God has helped set you free from unhealthy relationships or a toxic environment. Perhaps God is urging you to stop comparing your life to others around you and allowing you the freedom to create your own path. Maybe God is setting you free from the expectations you’ve set for yourself, and reminding you that where you are in your life journey is exactly where you need to be.Read More »